Caricature-2At the festive board following our regular March meeting we presented our 95 year old organist, W. Bro Bob (Fingers) Griffiths, with a framed caricature in recognition for his service to the Lodge over many years.

Bob, who was Master of the Lodge in 1989, has Caricature-3played the organ at almost every meeting since he was appointed organist over a quarter of a century ago. Not only does he support our Lodge but numerous other Lodges and Chapters in the province. Bob says he works longer hours behind his organ now than he did before he retired from his illustrious career in the Electricity industry.

The Caricature also features a selection of RAF planes, notably Lancaster Bombers in which Bob served as rear gunner during World War Two.  He says the biggest danger they faced in the air was being shot down by ‘friendly fire’ as they went about their regular patrols. Hopefully he finds life is a little safer behind his keyboard.