Banner-2As the year draws to a close, it is tradition within the Lodge of Unity to elect one of it’s Master Masons as the Master Elect. The elected Freemason will become the Worshipful Master for the following year and will be “installed” at the January meeting.

The elections have taken place and this year, I have been given the honour of being chosen to lead the Lodge for 2013. During my year it is my intention to post regularly about the challenges and successes during the year, both to record my thoughts and feelings, but also to offer an insight into the wonderful world of Freemasonry, especially the very special Lodge that is the Lodge of Unity.

Having been elected this week, I now have a long list of tasks to do, I must choose and ask other brothers for the important jobs, or offices, within the Lodge. I need to plan the year ahead both in terms of Masonic events and social events and very importantly I need to choose my charity for the year.

I look forward to your company during the year and hope you enjoy my ramblings – you can also follow us on Twitter @LodgeofUnity – where there will be more information throughout the year.