The Lodge of Unity 567 has met continually since it was formed in 1849. We meet seven times a year at Alderson House, Warwick, England and currently have around 45 – 50 members.

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month October to April, (Masonry is largely a winter sport!). Meetings start at 6.30 pm and consist of the usual ‘admin’ type things, minutes, reports etc. and a Masonic ceremony.  Meetings are followed by a three or four course meal known as a ‘festive board’ which usually finishes around 10 pm.

Each year, in January, we install a new Master who then appoints his officers for the ensuing year. In this way members can progress though each office in the Lodge and eventually become Master themselves.

Although we are a very old Lodge the average age of our members is probably one of the lowest in Warwickshire, if not the country and in recent years The Lodge of Unity has seen its membership steadily grow as these young Masons introduce their friends to Masonry. Consequently we are an enthusiastic forward looking Lodge who maintain and respect traditions inherited from our forefathers whilst not losing sight of the great pleasures of modern life. In short we have fun!

During the year we hold a number of social events to which we invite our families and friends, the most important of these is our annual Ladies Festival which is usually held in November.

Chequered Carpet 1At 7 pm, on the third Wednesday of each month, October to March, we hold our Lodge of Instruction. This is an informal meeting where newer Masons can learn the more intricate parts of our ceremonies and traditions from more experienced brethren and get to know each other in a warm, friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

We are often asked “What is Freemasonry for?”. Freemasonry is not ‘for’ anything. It has no grand designs, apart from ‘being happy and communicating happiness’. Freemasons are forbidden to discuss religion or politics in Lodge so men from wildly different backgrounds and with different interest can meet as friends. Freemasonry provides companionship and social activity for it members, and often their families. It emphasis charity and teaches, by means of ritual, morality or the practical basis of living in civilised society.

For more information please contact our Secretary.