The Provincial Grand Master of Warwickshire, R.W. Bro. David F. Macey promoted W.Bro. Derek Lodge.So the Lodge was celebrating it’s 170th birthday with the installation of W. Bro. David Perkins into the chair of King Solomon and all was going very well. Our outgoing/installing master was in full flow having just closed the board of Installed Masters and was about to admit the Master Masons when an unexpected knock came from the Lodge room door and, as is his right, none other than The Provincial Grand Master himself demanded admission.

He was admitted!

“I was just passing by so thought I would pop in and say hello” he said. “Don’t mind me I will just sit here with the brethren, I’ve never sat here before”

Unfazed our Installing Master continued the ceremony and our new master invested his officers in an exemplary manner. As the meeting drew to a close the presiding officer gave greetings. Then the Provincial Grand Master rose to his full 6’10” (I’m exaggerating but he’s a tall guy)…

“Of course there has to be a real reason why I am here…”

…he said. And then proceeded to give W.Bro. Derek Lodge a field promotion to the rank of Provincial Grand Senior Deacon. Well done Derek, the Lodge is very proud of the work you put in to supporting Masonry in Warwickshire… and a little birdie tells us you will be promoted further to Provincial Grand Secretary in May.

Congratulation too to our new Worshipful Master. W. Bro. David Perkins. The Lodge is looking forward to another prosperous year with you at the helm.