Unity-Badge-2016Whilst respecting our traditions which have developed and evolved over nearly 170 years the Lodge of Unity 567 has never been afraid to embrace change and move with the times. This ability to evolve has kept the Lodge vibrant and fresh and relevant for today’s young Freemasons. As part of this continued evolution, 2016 will see the Lodge make a number of changes to its regular meetings, these will include:

  • From February 2016 the Lodge will open half an hour later at 6.30 pm to allow sufficient time for working brethren to arrive in good time.
  • Minutes will be circulated and confirmed at meeting and not read in open Lodge.
  • Reports from Royal Arch Chapter will be included in either the propositions or third rising as and when appropriate and will no longer appear on the summons as a separate item.
  • Alms collections will be made at the Festive Board.
  • At installation meetings the Lodge will no longer call off for refreshments.
  • The Lodge summons will have a new modern look and feature the original Lodge logo from 1849. This will replace the centenary banner logo which has been used since 1949.
  • In January an information officer/team will be appointed to further develop and enhance our existing provisions which include our website and Twitter feeds.
  • During the year ways will be investigated to aid the smooth running of the festive board in order to eliminate the ‘lost half hour’.
The Secretary, WM and Master Elect in deep thought about 2016 at Past Master's Supper.
The Secretary, WM and Master Elect in deep thought about 2016 at Past Master’s Supper.

The Lodge of Instruction, which meets at 7 pm on the third Wednesday of each month October to March, will adopt the ‘Retention Knowledge Bank’ as a guide to helping and encouraging brethren to help them get the most from their Freemasonry. We will also continuing to learn our masonic ritual and develop a fuller, more rounded understanding of the: who, why, where, what and when of Freemasonry.