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How to Make a Pop-up Lodge

written by Guy Spivey, P.M.

Several years ago, I came upon a book called .American Houses. by Masahiro Chatani. The book gave several examples of architecture and instructions on how to create 3-dimensional “pop-up” models of these structures.

In 2007, when I became master of Enterprise Lodge No. 752 in Arcadia, North Carolina, I decided to create a pop-up card depicting a stylized lodge and then have my officers sign it. From that point I made a few cards to show my appreciation to various brothers. What finally came about is a 3-D Trestle Board, so to speak, and you can make one yourself if you follow the directions below.


Razor knife (X-Acto)—fine tip ; Stylus—for scoring fold lines; Tweezers—for small folded areas; Cutting board—to cut the card on; Ruler or straight edge.


1. You can download a PDF image of the pattern by clicking here. Copy or print the pattern in color onto heavy card stock. The paper must be rigid enough to support the architectural elements, but thin enough to cut and fold. The pop-up lodge shown in the photo was printed on 67-lb. card stock.

2. Place the card on the cutting board and trim away the excess of the outer border.

3. Score the valley folds (red dashed lines) on the front of the card using the stylus and the ruler.

4. Mark the ends of mountain folds (green dashed lines) by piercing the card with the stylus at either end of the green lines. Turn the card over and score the mountain folds with the stylus.

5. Cut all heavy black lines with the razor knife, discarding all yellow pieces. (Refer to the finished pop-up lodge photo to see where the cuts are and what gets removed.)

6. Double check to make sure all red and green folding lines are scored and all black lines cut.

7. With the fold lines and cut lines readied, the process of folding the card can begin.

Start pushing the structure out while pushing in at the central valley fold. Do not rush this process. You may find that you have not scored or cut all the lines; fix them as you discover them.

The staircase will be the trickiest area so take your time with that. Continue folding until the two halves of the card meet. Make sure that all lines have been folded and press the card down firmly to sharpen the creases.

8. Make a cover for the pop-up lodge out of another piece of heavy stock. (The cover of the pop-up lodge shown was made from a manila folder.) Put a little glue behind the sun and hour glass, moon and beehive, and the letter “G” on the top half of the card and behind the rough ashlar, coffin, and perfect ashlar
on the bottom half. Carefully center the card on the cover with the central valley fold of the card lining up with the fold of the cover. Press firmly to glue the card to the cover.

Source: Scottish Rite Journal

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