Our Worshipful Master, Bro Sebastian Samperi, welcoming the Gentlemen.

By special dispensation from The Provincial Grand Master, we held a Gentleman's evening at our regular Lodge meeting in April 2017, where we invited guests into the Lodge room for a short introduction to Freemasonry. Several of our members spoke eloquently to the 14 Gentlemen present, giving a brief overview of our history, symbolism, charity and why we enjoy our hobby. W.Bro Slark rounded things off by explaining:

"You may find this all a bit weird, as did I, but no more weird than discovering the word woggle was a part of my life when I was seven years old".

After answering their questions we all retired to enjoy another superb festive board at Alderson House, Although the evening was not intended as a recruitment drive, two of the guests have already shown an interest in joining.

W. Bro Ian Slesser explains the significance of the checkered carpet.

W. Bro Green gives a brief history of nearly everything... well if not everything then the origins of Freemasonry and how our Lodge came into being.