APRONThe Lodge of Unity, Lodge of Instruction as been running continually since March 1929. This is where members get to know each other in a friendly and informal manner and learn the rituals.

All Entered Apprentices, Fellow Crafts and Master Masons are expected to attend, especially those wishing to take office next year and all Worship Brethren are most welcome, indeed your experience is invaluable.

The theory is that members take the position that they are likely to occupy the following year, thus enabling them to be fully prepared for the year ahead.

The LOI meets:

On the third Wednesday, October to February at 7 p.m.,
and holds an annual supper in March at 6.30 p.m.

Dress Code:

October to February – Casual (no regalia)
March – Lounge suits (no regalia)

Our Lodge of Instruction is a special place where we learn our ritual, discuss etiquette, procedure and protocol and ask our preceptors any questions we have. Laughter is common, gentle mischief is tolerated and mistakes are allowed before a relaxing drink in Peter’s bar or heading over to the curry house in Warwick market square for a well-earned meal.

Each March we invite brethren from Guys Lodge 395 (our mother Lodge) and other local Lodges to join us for our annual Lodge of Instruction supper. This is our opportunity to ‘showcase’ our young talent and show the other Lodges our Unity workings!