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Our Regular Lodge Meeting

The Lodge of Unity meets on the first Wednesday of each month at 6.00 for 6.15 pm at Alderson House, Warwick from October through to April. The installation ceremony takes place each year at our January meeting with a slightly earlier start of 5.15 pm for 5.30 pm. The dress code for all our regular lodge meetings is dark suit or uniform and white gloves. Being an ancient lodge we, in common with other lodges, have developed our own way of doing things. These ‘Unity Workings’ include the chanting of odes during some parts of the three main ceremonies, this adds to the atmosphere and makes a visit to The Lodge of Unity a special event. After each meeting our festive board (meal) is held in a dining room below the Lodge room and we aim to be on our way home around 10.00 pm. The food is very good!

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Our Lodge of Instruction Meeting

We have a strong Lodge of Instruction (LOI), where members get to know each other and learn the rituals. All Master Masons are expected to attend, especially those wishing to take office next year and all Worshipful Brethren are most welcome. The LOI meets on the third Wednesday, October to February at 7.00 pm, and holds an annual supper in March at 6.30 pm. Dress code for Lodge of Instruction is casual, except our March meeting when we wear lounge suits but no regalia. The Lodge of Instruction is an informal and relaxing evening often followed by a visit to the bar or a local restaurant. We talk and learn about all aspects of freemasonry; the who, why, where and what’s, and is a great way for us to get to know each other, this is where friendships are really made.