Alderson House Functions Present:

In aid of the Tercentenary and supporting the MFest event next summer. 

On Saturday September 10th from 7.00pm by the kind offices of The Lodge of Unity 567, Alderson House Masonic Rooms will be holding a Horse Race night with a small supper included, there will also be a raffle for which prize donations would be welcome.  If you have not been to one of these they are great fun with the races screened via a DVD and projector screen with commentary.

There will be a Tote betting scheme operating, so you have the potential to win your costs back again.  We also intend to sell horse names for £2.00 each and should your horse win you will receive that money back again.  We also invite you to sponsor a race, which will cost £20.00.  These names will appear in the programme/race card, i.e. The Dave Perkins Stakes and horse number 6, Peter the Donkey, or similar, so use your imagination and have some extra fun.

The evening will start at 7.00 with the first race at around 7.30, we will have a break after four races for supper and then the final races will be shown, finishing at around 10.30.  The cost will be a very modest £10.00 per person including the supper, which will be a jacket potato with either a chilli or quiche side helping and salad.  Drinks are not included on this occasion.

Dress will be smart casual and you have the added bonus of no long speeches!

Use the form below to contact our secretary for more information:

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